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     Management Team

        Northstar Electronics, Inc. (NEIK) has a staff of experienced professionals and consultants.
     These individuals have a broad range of aerospace, aeronautical and industrial experience
     in the area of engineering, manufacturing and international sales, and have a long history
     of building solid relationships with suppliers and top-tier clients.


     Dr. Wilson RussellPresident, NEIKDr. Russell has a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics. He has
     a lengthy track record in industry as a business developer, project manager, corporate executive,
     inventor and innovator. He has senior experience in securing investment and developing business
     opportunities in the aeronautics, defense, anti-terrorism, sonar, and offshore oil and gas sectors,
     among others, and has successfully built and capitalized several companies to take advantage of
     key opportunities, including partnerships or Joint Ventures with Bell Canada, Lockheed Martin,
     Krupp Atlas Elektronik and Fluor Daniel, among others.

     Operations Consultants - Aircraft Manufacturing - Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd. Division

        Dr. Wilson Russell President, Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd.

        Operations and Engineering

      Mr. Jeff FryManager, Operations and Engineering – Mr. Fry is a Professional Mechanical Engineer
      with over twenty years managing production projects and operations for aviation, defense and
      government clients. He is also a seasoned Systems Design Engineer, with a focus on challenging
      marine, aviation and manned-spaceflight environments. His notable Management roles include:
      Operations/Engineering Lead for OEM production of structural kits for the P-3 Orion ASLEP
      (under Lockheed Martin Aeronautics); Operations/Engineering Lead for naval console production
      for the Halifax-class naval frigate fleet (under L-3 Comm); Project/Engineering Manager for a project
      to co-develop sonar systems for covert naval threats (with Lockheed Martin Canada); and
      Project/Deputy Program Manager & Engineering Lead on a program to develop a commercial
      materials research facility for the International Space Station (private/NASA partnership).

        Contracts, Supply Chain and Logistics

      Mr. Stewart GibsonManager, Contracts, Supply Chain and Logistics – Mr. Gibson is a Program Management
      professional with extensive experience with all phases of technical military and aviation projects, and
      a long history of supervision and team leadership. He has a demonstrated talent to establish, manage
      and expand business relationships and contracts, and has built diverse international and domestic
      supplier networks. His Management roles include: Program/Supply Chain Manager for OEM     
      production of structural aircraft kits for the P-3 Orion ASLEP (under Lockheed Martin Aeronautics);
      Program/Contracts/Supplier Manager for naval console production for the Halifax-class naval
      frigate fleet (under L-3 Comm); and QA/CM Manager on a program to develop a commercial materials
      research facility for the International Space Station (private/NASA partnership).

             Marketing and Sales

       Mr. Robert PattersonManager, Marketing and Sales – Mr. Patterson is a senior Management &
       Systems Consultant with over 30 years experience. He has designed, programmed, installed and
       supported financial and manufacturing systems across many diverse industries, ranging from
       aircraft manufacturing to aluminum die casting and agricultural feed production. His company,
       Patterson AeroSales, has provided a sales service for aircraft kits for over 25 years for Murphy
       Aircraft Mfg. Ltd., expanding in 2008 to include all global sales and marketing for Murphy, building
       and leading a team of international representatives.
       He is a pilot, and has extensive experience selling aircraft to clients around over the world.
       In the recent past, he has sold numerous kits of each of 8 different aircraft types to Spain, Japan,
       France, Ukraine, and South Africa, as well as Canada and the USA.

       Mr. Patterson brings to NSEL his expertise and long-established sales networks, and will lead
       NSEL’s sales and marketing efforts as we commence aircraft sales activities worldwide. We have
       been negotiating with additional agents for other markets, including Central American regions,
       and plan to rapidly bring them into our sales team, under Mr. Patterson’s leadership.
       Through our network of existing contacts, we also expect to offer additional sales opportunities
       for other equipment manufacturers.

                            Financial and Accounting

                            Mr. Piers VanZiffle - Manager, Finance and Accounting

                           NSEL Business Consultants

                    We supplement our initial staff with a number of consultants, through NGAI, each with significant experience in the aviation industry,
                    one in marketing and sales, one with specialized processes, and the third in management and business development.

                    Mr. Robert GosseAerospace and Defense Consultant - Mr. Gosse is the former president of Canadian Helicopter Corporation (CHC)
                    Composites Ltd. CHC is the largest helicopter-operating company in the world, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

                    Mr. Howard NashAerospace and Defense Consultant - Mr. Nash has extensive project management and company leadership
                    experience. He has been successful at securing and overseeing contracts from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, among others.

                    Mr. Tom SerjeantSales Consultant, Southern Africa – Mr. Serjeant has helped to design, test and sell aircraft such as the PL-12
                    Transavia Airtruk. He has worked as a marketing and sales representative for
Siai Marchetti, selling the SF-260 aircraft to
                    military clients around the globe, as well as for
Scottish Aviation, selling the B122 Bulldog to national air forces throughout
                    Africa. He has also had past dealings regarding the Wilga GA aircraft.

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