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  Northstar Electronics, Inc. is a Delaware incorporated company, working in the aviation, defense, and marine industries. 

  The Company listed on the OTCBB under the symbol NEIK in 2000 and is currently trading on OTC Markets.

Northstar has a long history of developing and manufacturing defense and commercial electronic and mechanical systems.
 The company is now being restructured to go forward with a renewed focus on the development of a new aviation business
 and carry out work to develop innovative sonar systems. In addition to a small number of internal personnel, Northstar's
 new business model utilizes outside expert associates to ensure that we have world class talent working on our projects. 

  Northstar began operations in the late 1990’s by developing an innovative underwater sonar system for the international commercial
  fishing industry.  Shortly after, in 2000, the Company was awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin MS2 for the assembly of Command
  and Control consoles for the Canadian Navy’s submarines.  This was followed by Northstar being invited to be a junior partner on
  Lockheed Martin’s team for the pursuit of a $3.2B military helicopter contract. This venture opened new relationships for Northstar
  within their company.

  Lockheed Martin then contracted Northstar to develop and build the underwater portion of an anti-terrorism sonar system,
  designed to protect aircraft carriers and other ships of the US Navy from terrorist diver attacks.  This was a major effort
  and Northstar successfully accomplished the work in the required short timeframe.  

  Lockheed Martin subsequently awarded Northstar the first of two contracts, together worth approximately $16M,
  to manufacture a number of small mechanical parts for C130 (Hercules) aircraft that were being refurbished.
  Also, a subsidiary of L3 Communications awarded Northstar a contract, which grew to about $4M, to manufacture
  Command and Control consoles for navy frigates.  Northstar’s revenues reached over $4M in 2009.   
  Our efforts over the past year have been aimed at turning Northstar around and injecting new energy into it.
  We are now working to expand into aviation manufacturing and distribution.

  Northstar Electronics’ subsidiary, Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd. (NSEL) ,  has been working towards
  an agreement with an aerospace company to authorize Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd. to start to assemble,
  certify, manufacture, service, repair, and market a new version of a turboprop single engine airplane for
  the World marketplace. (The market area has been expanded to global scale, which should add considerably
  to NSEL's sales potential.)

  The airplane is used in multi-purpose commercial applications in a growing market. 
  We are continuing our market research and planning new sales strategies to generate orders from
  the larger new markets. Letters of expression of interest in the new aircraft have been received from
  prospective customers.

  We are planning flight demonstrations for next year,  with first deliveries expected in late fall.
  Once we achieve our objectives, we believe that our share price will respond favorably and that it could reach
   a reasonable and stable price range.




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